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Recruitment & Head Hunting

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Recruitment & Head Hunting

by Laura Mezdria

Recruitment and Head Hunting

Specialised, among others, in head hunting and recruiting, Accuracy Informatics is a UK based company. Our head hunters and recruiters value performance and continuous improvement. We appreciate your feedback and use it to improve our services.


Recruiting Agencies on the Market

The employees quality of work reflect in projects delivery, clients recommendations and business revenue.

Recruiting Agencies, are known in market early of 1945, as a necessity of soldiers in the war, while the resumes, from 1950, with the same scope.

Our belief is that a strong and performant team is the main functionality of a business that can make the difference between quality and average.

Accuracy Informatics Team

Head Hunting & Recruiting

We provide technical tested and team fit personnel for the following areas:

  1. Information Security

    1. Information Security Manager (CISO)
    2. Information Security Engineer
    3. Information Security Analyst
    4. Security Engineer
    5. Security Operation Centre Support (SOC)
  2. Project Management

    1. IT Project Management
    2. Scrum Master
    3. Service Manager
  3. Infrastructure and Clouds

    1. Cloud and Technical Architect
    2. Cloud / Infrastructure Engineer
    3. Systems Administrators (Linux / Windows / Virtualisation / Automation)
    4. Operations Support Engineer L1, 2, 3, 4
  4. Software Development

    1. Project Manager
    2. Application Manager
    3. Service Manager
    4. Scrum Master
    5. Development Operations Engineer (DevOps)
    6. Front End Developer
    7. Back End Developer
    8. Software Developers

Our company offers a complete service of recruiting, that include the employees screening and technical testing. With a broad range of IT technical expertise in our company, we are able to offer you pre technical tested employees along with a full personality fit interview conducted by our company.

This will increase the security and performance of your company and projects and ensure that your standards will be protected, along with ensuring that the new resource will be a perfect fit.

Accuracy Informatics is able to find you the best people, in no time at all. With experienced IT recruiters, who are successfully placing candidates in all industries and professions, you can feel confident we leave no stone unturned in finding the perfect individuals for this role.

Want to completely forget about Recruiting and get the Top Resources to build your Accurate Success?

Accuracy Informatics Team